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New Year, New Soil Health Coordinator

After several months without a Soil Health Coordinator, Marissa Cartwright accepted the position in October and began this past January. Prior to this opportunity, Marissa was finishing up her master's degree in Freshwater and Marine Science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she studied the microbial metabolism of particulate organic matter in riverbed sediments.

She is no stranger to Linn County, as she attended Coe College for her undergraduate degree. In 2021, she was a member of the Coe College Water Quality Lab, where she collected and analyzed water samples from Indian Creek, along with bioreactors, saturated buffers, and wetlands in the area.

With Marissa's background of growing up on an Iowa farm and her passion for the outdoors, she is excited to continue the efforts started by her predecessors. These efforts include reaching out to landowners about soil health practices and conducting outreach within the local community to spread information about soil health and water quality.

To contact Marissa, email or call the Linn Soil and Water Conservation District at 319-377-5960.

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