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The Plan

Executive Summary

Persistent flooding and water quality concerns have led the governmental entities within the Indian Creek watershed to embrace a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional planning approach. The resulting Indian Creek Watershed Management Plan (Plan) details strategies and recommendations for watershed and stormwater management, water quality protection, and stormwater permit compliance. It includes specific implementation strategies and milestones for these recommendations for local governments as well as regional and state agencies.

The Indian Creek Watershed Management Authority (ICWMA) utilized a collaborative, adaptive management approach for the Plan, which incorporates and links knowledge and credible science with the experience and values of stakeholders for more effective decision-making. The Indian Creek Watershed Management Plan was completed by the ICWMA Board of Directors and planning staff from the East Central Iowa Council of Governments, with a great deal of input from a Technical Advisory Team (Tech Team), a Community Advisory Team, and technical consulting firms/institutions.

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Indian Creek Watershed Management Plan

Plan Development

Lunch, Learn & Input Sessions

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Flood Mitigation Goals
Held on July 30, 2014

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Water Quality Goals
Held on August 13, 2014

Image by Aurélien Grimpard

Public Outreach Goals
Held on September 24, 2014

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Open Houses
Held on June 2 & 3, 2015

Prior Studies & Reports

Flood of June 4, 2002, in the Indian Creek Basin, Linn County, Iowa

Section 205 – Initial Assessment for Flood Damage Reduction, May 2004

Conservation Reserve Program Flood Damage Reduction Benefits to Downstream Urban Areas

Iowa’s Low Hanging Fruit: Stream Buffer Rule = Cleaner Water, Little Extra Cost Report

Plans in Alignment

Iowa’s Nonpoint Source Management Plan

Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Linn Soil & Water Conservation District 2012 -2020 Long-Range Plan

Linn County Comprehensive Plan: A Smarter Course

Linn County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan


KCRG News:  New bioreactor to prevent water pollution in Cedar Rapids
Second bioreactor installed in Linn County. Watch the video below!
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In the news

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Linn County and Cedar Rapids make progress on water quality projects

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